Las Vegas Laser Hair Removal

All About Skin Laser Center offers Las Vegas laser hair removal in a comfortable and relaxing spa like atmosphere. Our laser hair removal treatments are extremely safe, fast, and effective for removing or reducing hair growth in unwanted areas. Utilizing state of the art technology by Cynosure our professional laser hair removal treatments are the perfect solution to unwanted hair growth for women and men. Treatments are offered for specific areas or the entire body to effectively and permanently removing unwanted hair.

Laser Hair Removal for the entire body.

Commonly Treated Areas:best laser hair removal las vegas nv
Back Hair
Chest Hair
Genital Hair

Why Laser Hair Removal Las Vegas?

As a safe and effective means for permanent hair reduction our treatment offers freedom from the constant  and perhaps uncomfortable need to remove unwanted hair. Traditional methods like electrolysis, waxing, depilatory creams, and good old fashioned plucking are painful, and only provide temporary benefit. If you would like to say goodbye to shaving those areas of unwanted hair, such as on your legs or underarms, laser hair removal may be the answer you are looking for. At All About Skin Laser Center we use the newest and safest technology to achieve maximum hair growth reduction.

What type of laser do you use?

We are pleased to feature the “Apogee Elite” laser from Cynosure, a true laser offering the correct wavelengths for very highly effective results.  Our laser is safe and gentle enough for all skin types. Providing you with the most comfortable treatment possible. Most of our patients report the procedure to be virtually pain free.

All About Skin Laser Center is the preferred Laser Center for laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation services in Las Vegas. Experience our pleasant and comfortable atmosphere while our trained staff satisfies all your needs.

Las Vegas Laser Hair Removal Center

Las Vegas Laser Hair Removal Cynosure

At All About Skin Laser Center we customize our Las Vegas laser hair removal treatment for each individual’s skin type and body hair color for optimal results. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation with All About Skin Laser Center. Our expert staff will satisfy all your laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation needs.

While laser hair removal is our most popular procedure we also offer many other fantastic skin treatments to rejuvenate, smooth, and tighten your skin. We also offer body sculpt express an amazing weight loss solution that gets remarkable results. To request Your Free Las Vegas Laser Hair Removal Consultation click here.



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