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All About Skin Laser Center is excited to now be offering Allumera, the first in a new class of photodynamic cosmetics.

What is Allumera / photodynamic cosmetics?
Allumera is a new, topical cream specifically formulated to improve the overall appearance of skin, reduce the outward signs of aging and minimize the appearance of pores with minimal downtime and results that last.

What are the Results of Allumera Treatment?
In a five-month controlled study, people experienced a 44% reduction in the appearance of their pores three months after their last treatment.*

In a survey conducted three months after their last Allumera treatment*:

  • 93% of people said their skin felt softer.
  • 91% of people said their skin felt more hydrated, moisturized and smoother.
  • 89% of people said their skin texture was improved.
  • 86% of people said their skin looked and felt healthier.
  • The majority of people said they would recommend Allumera to a friend.

In a five month controlled, clinical study consumers experienced a 44% reduction in the appearance of pores after three Allumera treatments.*

How is Allumera applied?
Allumera is applied to the face and then bathes the skin for 60 minutes. The cream is then washed off and activated by exposing the skin to a source of light left to the discretion of the healthcare professional. Each Allumera treatment takes approximately one hour and for optimal results, three Allumera treatments are recommended spaced four weeks apart.

How is Allumera different?
Allumera is a non-invasive treatment option that will reduce the appearance of pores, and greatly improve skin tone and texture with minimal downtime. “Before Allumera there really wasn’t any way to treat the issue of large, unsightly pores, a fact which frustrated many clients. Now, we finally have a treatment to effectively reduce pore size that actually works,” said Dr. William Greenberg of Skin Thera P. Allumera is well-tolerated and fills the gap for those looking for more than a chemical peel, but wish to avoid more invasive procedures.

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